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I dont really know who im writting too.. buut whaateverr(x Well my name is Classifieddd.. My favorite colors are black n redd. My friend l<YL!3 taughttt me howw to typee like thiiissssss.. nh, butt i envyy herr, i somtimees look upp to herr. We havee gotten in HUUGE ( yess HUUUGGEEEEEE ) fightss, not veryy pretty, peoplee!(: Buuuuuut wereee i thinkkk bestt friendss? Yeep, shee can say were noot idoncaree, thatts her pinionn, buuut i think we aree. Yees i havee been changed ALOOOOOOOT when i met her.. its kinna scary how much i changed..

well whateverrr imm done writingg(:

ill postt moree laterr, byee byeeee!!

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