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Kylie ( and for you im writing this in PINKK): )

I think we did meet in December of 09',, because i very well remember watching either a movie, or a teevee show.. i don remember aha. From the texts that we sent, i knew we'd bee good friends.

Yes, we have gotten in to HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fights, that might have let to shedding a few tears. But, in the end, it kinna ended well haha. Just, took a while to... you know... get thing back to normalish.. haha.

I like having an older friend. It makes me feel that i can always come to you in need of advise. all kinds of advise. Guy advise ( all the time ), Puberty advise ( hahaha ), and basically any other advise you can think of.(:

I dont know what my life would be like without you in it.. WAIT. yes i do! HELLA BORING! I love to talk to you at 4 in the morning! And, I love how, you come to ME somtimes and ask for advise from ME from time to time about friends. Like the recent one, about Jaime... Anywayyys..

I think this is enough? I think you get the point... haha

Kyliee Nicolee Zedilarr, I lovee youu too infinity andd beyondd(: ♥

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hahaha i love you too bestestest frienddd. lylaass(:

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