Writer's Block: Rise and shine
I look at my ceiling until i decide to get up. c: 
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Writer's Block: Rise and shine
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Stare At My Wall <3

" Mom, i dont want to move! ," Isabella told her mom. Isabella is a 13 year old girl who lives in Colerado. She has lived there all her life, and has made tons of friends. " I dont want to leave all of my
friends! What about Nick! Jasmine! Ashlynn! Does me not wanting to move mean NOTHING to you?! " Isabella was practically crying at this point. " Isabella, honey, i know you dont want to move,
but, me and your father have made up our minds abo-" Isabella interrupted. " MOM! You and dad already said that this is final?! Without me knowing! Does me knowing ANYTHING in this house
mean NOTHING to anyone anymore?! " Isabellas mom, Tracy, got a very weird, but sad looking look on her face. " Izzy, " Izzy was Tracys nickname for Isabella. " I was about to say somthing that i
think might have made you happy, but then you interrupted me. " Isabella got a frustrated look on her face. " What! What could POSSIBLY make this day any better! " Isabella said in a sarcastic
voice. " You know.. Were moving to LA and all, So i thought, that Nick could come over for a week or so. Hang out. Then, you and maybe 4 close friends could come over for a week or two and hang
out. " Isabellas heart started to race. Nick was Isabella's boyfriend! " But mom.. You dont like Nick! Why would you let him come over!" Isabellas face lit up. " Well, i know you trully love him, and so why
not let him come over and see you for a while? " Tracy got a smile across her face as her daughter became very happy. " But, where will he stay! at a hotel alone?! " Tracy laughed at her daughters
comment. " No silly! He will stay in our new guest room.. But you have to promise, NO sneaking over there young lady! " Tracy winked at Izzy. " Oh my god mom! thank you so much! " Izzy eeped with
excitement as she couldnt wait to get on the phone with her five closest friends, and of course. Nick.

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Kylie ( and for you im writing this in PINKK): )

I think we did meet in December of 09',, because i very well remember watching either a movie, or a teevee show.. i don remember aha. From the texts that we sent, i knew we'd bee good friends.

Yes, we have gotten in to HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fights, that might have let to shedding a few tears. But, in the end, it kinna ended well haha. Just, took a while to... you know... get thing back to normalish.. haha.

I like having an older friend. It makes me feel that i can always come to you in need of advise. all kinds of advise. Guy advise ( all the time ), Puberty advise ( hahaha ), and basically any other advise you can think of.(:

I dont know what my life would be like without you in it.. WAIT. yes i do! HELLA BORING! I love to talk to you at 4 in the morning! And, I love how, you come to ME somtimes and ask for advise from ME from time to time about friends. Like the recent one, about Jaime... Anywayyys..

I think this is enough? I think you get the point... haha

Kyliee Nicolee Zedilarr, I lovee youu too infinity andd beyondd(: ♥


Well ive decided that since i really dont have any thing to talk about.. im going to be using live journal .com to write stories..

The problem is I HAVE NO IDEAS!!

Gimmeee somee! they can be funny, romantic, rude, WHATEVER!


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Mmm todayy,..

Soo today i really didnt doo much.. alls i did waaass:

I woke up at like 1030 idk whyy! n thenn i watchhed teevee for like EVERR haha, Theeeeeeen i went on exxboxx livee n playedd MW2 fuuun>:Dhaha. did thatt for a whilee. theen i gott ddressed.. ahh fuuun(: thenn i did myy hairrrrr(: Hahaa my papa took me placesss likee fryys n besstt buyy, n sportss authoritiee, n thenn we went to goo get smoothiess :D then i came home.

( weird ending right!! )

Byeebyeee worldd! :D


I dont really know who im writting too.. buut whaateverr(x Well my name is Classifieddd.. My favorite colors are black n redd. My friend l<YL!3 taughttt me howw to typee like thiiissssss.. nh, butt i envyy herr, i somtimees look upp to herr. We havee gotten in HUUGE ( yess HUUUGGEEEEEE ) fightss, not veryy pretty, peoplee!(: Buuuuuut wereee i thinkkk bestt friendss? Yeep, shee can say were noot idoncaree, thatts her pinionn, buuut i think we aree. Yees i havee been changed ALOOOOOOOT when i met her.. its kinna scary how much i changed..

well whateverrr imm done writingg(:

ill postt moree laterr, byee byeeee!!


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